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lady of the desert

It’s always a pleasure to photograph this lady!  She trusts me and goes along with everything I ask (like climbing rocks or changing dresses in the trees) even when she’s tired and wants to go home.  Can’t wait to greet the new addition of the family soon but till then – enjoy her beauty!

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desert family

We found this beautiful spot, practically in town, and we fell in love (despite the cold wind).  So we hung around, walked around, chased the sun before the sun sunk behind the mountains and get a lovely session out of our little adventure. 

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around the neighborhood

For this session we decided to stay around the neighborhood where this family lives and we were not disappointed.  We took advantage of the beautifully manicured areas nearby and took a short drive to the desert just down the street.  I have been taking this family’s pictures for a while and it’s quite enjoyable to […]

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