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Monthly Archives: February 2011

playing in the snow

What I love about living in Las Vegas is that you can drive 30 minutes outside of the city and have a real winter experience 🙂  Which is exactly what we did with the M. family.  We had real winter pictures.  And I love this little guy’s hat , love it.  He is so adorable […]

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eggs and … more eggs

I love eggs… I can’t live without eggs.  I love them poached… Hard boiled… Soft boiled… Scrambled… Sunny side up… Over easy… Over medium… Hard boiled… Soft boiled… Oh did I say that already… Well, I love eggs.  This morning they were soft boiled… And you can’t let your guard down with soft boiled eggs. […]

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little girls

A couple of weeks ago my friend Joelle asked me to take photos of her girls at their baptism ceremony.  The girls are so cute together in their matching formal black and white outfits 🙂  It was a short and dear ceremony and eveyone went home happy.  But not before we took a couple of photos outside 🙂  Enjoy […]

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