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Monthly Archives: July 2011

the parkers

It was what mom wanted for her birthday this year – family pictures!  New ones, recent ones.  And we had only a two day window  of opportunity to do it – it was the only two days when all the kids were home together this summer.  So decisions had to be made fast!  But we did […]

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all kinds of fun

It started early.  Everyone was still in their pajamas.  There was a quick breakfast (for strength … to endure the rest of the morning :)).  Some played the piano.  Others made a cake.  A very beautiful cake.  Everyone colored with crayons.  There was some running outside.  And playing tag (which apparently is one of the coolest […]

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out for a stroll

I love this location – it offers so many different looks in such a small area and it’s fun for people to come and just hang out (when it’s not the middle of the summer of course :)).  I took pictures of these little (and big:)) ones before.  Everyone was fun and stylish and enjoyed themselves […]

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