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happy fall

I met the Wright family at Calico Basin on a pleasant fall afternoon.  It was perfect – there was no one there because it had just poured and there was another big cloud heading our way.  But it made for wonderful saturated fall colors.  We got a little wet, we broke a couple of rules (like getting off the pathways, etc.).  The typical stuff 🙂  But it was fun.  Almost as fun as trying to keep 3 babies concentrated and looking somewhat in the same direction (and you are correct – that is not possible).  So we decided right there and then that we were not going to capture poses – we were going to capture moments.  🙂

Happy Fall!

Kelsi - I LOVE these photos! their outfits are SO cute & the location is gorgeous! amazing work!December 8, 2010 – 11:01 am

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