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eggs and … more eggs

I love eggs… I can’t live without eggs.  I love them poached… Hard boiled… Soft boiled… Scrambled… Sunny side up… Over easy… Over medium… Hard boiled… Soft boiled… Oh did I say that already… Well, I love eggs.  This morning they were soft boiled… And you can’t let your guard down with soft boiled eggs.  I believe it’s a matter of 20 seconds (or less!) between undercooking the egg whites (yuck!) and overcooking the yolk.  Which is only ok if you were craving hard boiled eggs.  Otherwise you have to start all over 🙂

Bilianka - So so so on the same page!!! We are in our soft-boiled-eggs phase right now and after several weeks of having to deal with the 20 seconds, we bought an egg boiler and we are HAPPY now!February 22, 2011 – 12:10 pm

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