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all kinds of fun

It started early.  Everyone was still in their pajamas.  There was a quick breakfast (for strength … to endure the rest of the morning :)).  Some played the piano.  Others made a cake.  A very beautiful cake.  Everyone colored with crayons.  There was some running outside.  And playing tag (which apparently is one of the coolest games ever and is to be played over and over and over again).  More coloring.  There was playing with soap bubbles.  Some even made their own “bunny ears” for the picture (you can’t help but love it when kids think that “bunny ears” in pictures are so cool that if no one wants to do them for you, you just need to do them yourself).  More coloring.






As I already said – all kinds of fun in just a few morning hours.

Oh and eventually everyone changed out of their pajamas 🙂

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