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jax is growing up

No, I didn’t make a mistake and I didn’t mean to type Max :). Yes, my two nephews are Jax and Max.  While we were in Hawaii, Jax celebrated his 2nd birthday.  He is cute and adorable and funny all at the same time and he knows it.  Recently he didn’t get his way and he calmly lay down on the floor and said “Fit, fit, fit”.  His mom asked him: “Are you having a fit?”. “Yes” he said calmly.  She had to walk away so she doesn’t burst out laughing in front of him and tell him how cute he was.  Anyway, enjoy a few shots I took of him while I was there.

By the way, at his birthday party we learned that no toys, gifts or decorations were really necessary as far as he was concerned.  The water faucet was all he needed to have fun!  And that was the best birthday present 🙂

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