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It took me a while to post these pictures of my beautiful friend Susan.  I took them last summer not long before she and her husband (they had eloped just a couple of months earlier) had planned to have a lovely wedding reception to celebrate their marriage with everyone.  He was stationed in a different state at the time so she sent him a couple of photos to show him what a beautiful bride she was going to be.  I am happy she did.  Because a few days later (and only days before the wedding) he passed away in a car accident.

Not much can be said – it is a sad story.  And Susan is surviving it and finding herself in the process.  She is one of the strongest, most inspiring, most positive people I have ever, ever, ever met.  She has survived great challenges in her life and keeps a smile on her face.  And last summer she was a beautiful bride…

Susan, you are awesome and I love you!




Michelle Cox - Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of my sister! You did such a great job. It’s actually really bittersweet to look at them knowing how excited she was and what happened shortly after, but I’m really glad that she has them to cherish. You do beautiful work. Thank you!April 15, 2013 – 1:03 pm

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