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The contest this week at iheartfaces.com is all about pets.  So as my friend Janelle said – “you have to post a picture of your crazy dog”.  And while he doesn’t look crazy in pictures, in real life …  he is…. a little bit…. 🙂  His name is Mecho which means a little bear cub in Bulgarian.  And sometimes he acts like one.  We also call him Mr. Wrinklesworth.  And Shreck.

For more fun and cool pet pictures – click on the button below:


Alli - Awww…what a sweet dog! So cute!June 29, 2010 – 7:18 am

Jeri - I love the wrinkles!!! So cute!!!June 29, 2010 – 11:40 am

Kandice - So cute! We have a Shar-Pei, too. And her name is Wrinkles. I love their huge jowls.June 29, 2010 – 7:11 pm

tricia - awwww!!! another shar-pei!! so happy to see another!
too cute!June 30, 2010 – 6:48 am

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