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hawaiian princess

I love Hawaii… It’s very peaceful.  It makes me slow down and enjoy life, enjoy the lush green, the ocean, the food, the rain, the flowers, the people.  There is something about the spirit of that place that is just good for my soul.  And I love that my husband is from there – he has that peaceful spirit about him as well.  Plus he takes me to all the cool places the locals know :).

This summer my friend Madlen came with us for part of our vacation so naturally we had to plan a photo shoot.  Madlen is always my biggest fan in everything I do and photography is not any different.  So she dressed up, fixed her hair and played model for me one afternoon.  We went from one beach to another, we walked the forests, we climbed rocks and we had fun in the spirit of aloha.  Mahalo Madlen 🙂

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