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My name is Zlatina Dias.  Some people call me Tina.  Some wonder if the Z is silent.  It’s not. 🙂

I love photographing people and their faces.  And I have discovered that I more than anything I enjoy photographing children.  Because you really can’t have expectations and you get pleasantly surprised every single time. Because they don’t like posing and you can’t help but capture a true moment in their life.  So take a look around my site – I hope you enjoy my photographs.  I hope they bring a smile to your face, excitement in your heart and butterflies in your stomach.  Because that’s what photography does to me.

What is zelephoto?

A lot of people ask me “why zelephoto”, “what does it mean”.  Well – here it goes.  First of all, I am Bulgarian and in Bulgaria when you have your picture taken instead of “cheese” you say “zele” (which actually means “cabbage”– don’t judge, “cheese” is not that much better 🙂).  Then, it’s a play on words with “telephoto”, like telephoto lens but with a “z” because…. my first name is Zlatina, so it all comes together like it was meant to be.  Aren’t you glad you asked 🙂

What is my pricing?

Please email me for specific pricing information (sessions start at $450).   

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