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    Looking at these photographs may cause spontaneous delight, increase in self esteem and unimaginable happiness. Side effects may also include a sudden urge to have your photographs taken by zelephoto and feeling beautiful! Enjoy at your own risk!

so special to me is this beautiful momma-to-be

This session was quite special to me as this is my dear friend M. and this is such a special moment in life for her (as you can see :)).  Sometimes life just just has the most special surprises for us when we least expect it.  We just have to be ready and embrace them bravely.  Now we can’t wait for the little one to join us!  But in the meantime, here is this mom-to-be in all her glory!

around the neighborhood

For this session we decided to stay around the neighborhood where this family lives and we were not disappointed.  We took advantage of the beautifully manicured areas nearby and took a short drive to the desert just down the street.  I have been taking this family’s pictures for a while and it’s quite enjoyable to see the boys grow year after year and continue to show the same love for each other!