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    Looking at these photographs may cause spontaneous delight, increase in self esteem and unimaginable happiness. Side effects may also include a sudden urge to have your photographs taken by zelephoto and feeling beautiful! Enjoy at your own risk!

a Scottish wedding

This was one of the most amazing wedding ceremonies I have seen. ¬†We all gathered at the¬†base of the mountains of Calico Basin¬†on an overcast afternoon with the beautiful music of a Scottish bagpipe echoing around. ¬†We were all part of the intriguing ceremonies of hand fasting and pinning of the tartan. ¬†It was small and simple and meaningful and beautiful… ¬†And everything it needed to be.

The rain held back just long enough for the ceremony to be over and poured on us just as we were leaving.

It was perfect and I am in love.


a lovely wedding in lovely punalu’u (hawai’i)

It’s been a long and busy summer which basically means posting fell very, very behind!

But here is one of the highlights of my summer – this lovely intimate wedding with family and dear friends in the lovely setting of Punalu’u on the island of Oahu where the ocean and the mountains, the rain and the sunshine, the sand and the trees… are all one! ¬†Oh happy days!