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max is on the move

My little nephew Max has learned to crawl and he is all over the place now, exploring the world around him.  So I got a few shots of him … going places.  I just love watching him look at things and touch things with such curiosity and amazement.

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all kinds of fun

It started early.  Everyone was still in their pajamas.  There was a quick breakfast (for strength … to endure the rest of the morning :)).  Some played the piano.  Others made a cake.  A very beautiful cake.  Everyone colored with crayons.  There was some running outside.  And playing tag (which apparently is one of the coolest […]

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two little men

It’s fun to see little ones grow up… Pictures are especially good at showing it.  Little Alex is just over a year old – check out his newborn pictures from last summer here.  So mom wanted to get some pictures taken of the two brothers in their daily environment.  I love life style photographs.  I […]

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did you miss him?

I am sure you missed this little boy… My darling sweet little nephew Max who is just growing and growing bigger and cuter!  And it is so fun to watch him discover his world.  I don’t know – I may be partial but I think he is just a little bundle of adorableness every way you […]

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