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the johnsons

I fell behind on my posting a little again but here are some photos from the Johnson’s shoot a few weeks ago.  You saw a small preview earlier and here is the rest.  I have to say the hot pink wagon proved to be a popular location and I didn’t get tired of it 🙂 […]

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playing in the snow

What I love about living in Las Vegas is that you can drive 30 minutes outside of the city and have a real winter experience 🙂  Which is exactly what we did with the M. family.  We had real winter pictures.  And I love this little guy’s hat , love it.  He is so adorable […]

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two brothers and a sister

As I have said before, there is something very endearing about the love of siblings and I love photographing it.  The older ones always seem to put their arms around the younger ones in a very sweet way and a different kind of love shows in the photographs.  It’s the love that sometimes gets hidden […]

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in the “wild” west

I hadn’t been to this location in such a long time and was pleasantly surprised 🙂  I met the Ghadery family there for some last minute Christmas photos.  There was so much fun stuff to “play” with.  And the HOT PINK WAGON?!?!  How often do you see that? 🙂  I love overcast days – especially […]

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